10.06.2024 | CAS Exhibition Partners choose Elation KL PAR FC for superior stand lighting

In late April, CAS Exhibition Partners of the Netherlands took delivery of 250 KL PAR FC LED PAR lights from Elation for use in the leading exhibition contractor's many state-of-the-art stand builds across Europe. Useful in setting the ambiance of an exhibition stand, reinforcing a theme, and adding depth and dimension to enhance the overall visual appeal of a space, the new full-color-spectrum lights can also play more functional roles like highlighting products, signage and displays. Either way, the KL PAR FC's high color quality and adaptability will serve to captivate visitors and reinforce brand imaging for CAS customers.

CAS Exhibition Partners offers full-service exhibition build services and takes pride in their commitment to innovation and improvement. That dedication includes ensuring the overall quality of stand lighting by maintaining their own high-end lighting systems. When CAS went in search of updated lighting to replace their large stock of gas discharge lamps, Twan Nellen, Head of Electric & Lighting at CAS, says that initially they did not find a light that met all their requirements. That changed however when they met Bert Schmeits, Key Account Manager Benelux for Elation, who gladly worked with them on a solution.

"CAS Exhibition Partners was looking for a multi-purpose lighting fixture to replace their CDM fixtures, which they had in both warm-white and cold-white versions," Bert explains. "The new fixtures had to use high-quality LED sources in order to guarantee a perfect light display because color fidelity plays a very important role when illuminating an exhibition booth.

"The new fixtures needed to be able to create various moods and a variable CCT channel was a must for this. An RGBMA source would make all this possible with the added bonus of being able to create any color you wanted."

Bert recommended the KL PAR FC, which features outstanding color quality from an RGBMA LED engine that is CCT adjustable from 2,400K - 8,500K for both warm and cold color temperature looks. With high CRI (92) and TLCI (95) values, the fixture ensures incredibly accurate color reproduction. Additionally, it incorporates Elation's innovative ColourTune Technology, a lighting fixture software that allows for unprecedented control over output vs color accuracy. Add in a choice of four supplied lenses and optional barndoors and this spotlight is a multifunctional all-rounder.

"We had the Elation KL PAR FC in for a test and it quickly became clear that they could be the light system of our choice," Twan Nellen at CAS stated. "The spot intensity is more than sufficient, and the lamp has a true-to-life color rendering. Its versatility, the solid build, reduced power consumption and quality was convincing."

What began with a visit to the Elation showroom in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, followed by comparisons to the existing CDM fixtures at the CAS facility, as well as evaluations of similar lights from other manufacturers, eventually resulted in the investment. CAS procured 250 KL PAR FC fixtures, including 50 equipped with barndoors, through Elation's Dutch partner Rolight, ready for exhibition work across Europe.

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